Algorithm submission

Each submitted algorithm must be a Win32 console application with the following list of parameters:


LIVENESS.exe [ndataset] [inputfile] [outputfile]


It is the executable name. Format: Win32 console application (.exe)


It is the identification number of the data set to analyse. Legend: 1=Green Bit, 2=Biometrika, 3=Digital Persona, 4=Crossmatch, 5=Crossmatch (time series).


A text file with the list of relative paths of each image to analyse. Each image is in the same format of own training-set

Exemple of a [inputfile] called Biometrika_test.txt:


The text file with the output of each processed image, in the same order of inputfile. The output is a posterior probability of the live class given the image, or a degree of “liveness” normalized in the range 0 and 100 (100 is the maximum degree of liveness, 0 means that the image is fake).

Scores [0, 50) classify fingerprint image as "fake" while scores [50,100] classify fingerprint image as "live". 

In the case that the algorithm has not been able to process the image, the correspondent output must be -1000 (failure to enroll).

Each parameter related to the data set configuration must be set before submission. Each user can configure his algorithm by the training set available after registration. Only Win32 console applications with the above characteristics will be accepted for the competition.

Participants may publish also the source code of their algorithm, but this is not mandatory.